Some Innovations That Are Already Changing Our Lives

We recently heard that discussing blockchain was like talking about the internet in 1993 when almost no one had email, the idea of social networks had not crossed his mind to Mark Zuckerberg, then nine years old and, when instead of Netflix, we had Blockbuster or pirated videos on VHS.

As disruptive as the Internet was, there may be specific technologies that are taking off at this moment. Deep learning, bots, exoskeletons, the internet of things, among other innovations with exponential development, may result, shortly, in more efficient robots able to relate better with humans to transport them, diagnose them medically or support them with repetitive or physically demanding tasks. Our relationship with computers is about to enter a new era that will not be filtered by the keyboard, but by the microphone. From paying to obtain ownership of things, we will pay for access to services and goods, with platforms such as Uber or Netflix, but for everything from furniture to art.

Without a doubt, these new technologies can also generate fear. From the displacement of human labor by machines to the danger of permanent surveillance. Sometimes, thinking about the lack of control of these technologies can lead us to scenarios such as those posed by the Black Mirror series , where it is difficult to distinguish the real from the virtual, human minds are manipulated, or there are robots and artificial intelligence so efficient that the androids They can simulate the lives of the deceased